Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ballad Of...NYC?!

I'm back from NYC!'s been about a week since I came back, but most of that has been spent sleeping and going through photos (which will be published in due time) and preparing to leave for Florida (oh, family vacations)

Without going into some long, romantic, rant about how much I ADORE the city and how it's just perfect and I how I literally fell in love with it...I will leave you with this link to a video that Lindsay Gray, Kevin Davidson, and myself filmed while we were there..documenting our adventures that occurred during the two weeks we stayed there. And Lindsay gets complete credit for the editing!

Ballad Of...Baby K!

And more exciting news came to me while I was in the editorial that I shot wayyy back in February (right after my untimely car wreck) was published in Ballad Of Magazine, their Baby K issue!

buy it here

Model: Ireland Malone @ Wallflower mgmt
Styling: Brittany Winter
HMU: Shane Monden

Special thanks to Erica Felicella for allowing us to use her studio to shoot!


inspired by sarah moon