Monday, September 24, 2012

on dusty floors

with my photographic style I am always trying to expand what I can do while still retaining my essence of who I am as a photographer. I feel like I have developed a style, but I am constantly working on improving on that style, expanding it to include more variety between shoots and further establish it within me. with this test shoot, I was not aiming to do something extravagant or overly thematic. I wanted to create something simple yet something that could hopefully be identified as mine.

model: mika nobles @ foreman mgmt

Monday, September 10, 2012

'desolate mistress' for odalisque magazine

While I was in NYC, I was able to do something I hadn't done for a very long time, and that was having the opportunity to photograph my old friend, Clara Settje. I was quite surprised at how everything lined up, how she was there the same time frame I was, and that she was free to be a part of an editorial I had lined up with a local team. And in the end, I couldn't have seen a more perfect fit for this story.

For me, one of the greatest challenges I faced while in the city was finding a location that would fit my style of work, as I am in no way a urban, street type photographer, and I had used up every resource I had at the time to (unsuccessfully) find the type of indoor location I was searching for. It came down to making up my mind to adapt, to change and just go for it..even if the shoot would turn out to be a complete bust, I knew I had to shoot it. We ended up using a little corner of Central Park closest to the stylist's apartment, then we bounced around to whatever place appealed to my vision for the story.

On top of this new found challenge, I was also faced with a theme that I was unfamiliar with. I felt like I was in completely new territory in regards to the styling and theme, but in the end, I'm pleased that I went with it, and though I think it's not my strongest work, it shows that I am able to adapt and do more than just one trick.

"Desolate Mistress" for Odalisque Magazine

Monday, September 3, 2012

places that we linger

back in june, i packed my bags for a two-week long stay in nyc. and while i've yet to talk much about it, or create a (lengthy) blog post about my travels, you will start getting more of it, but in pieces.

towards the end of my stay, I had the opportunity to work with a incredibly talented group of artists and models, shooting in some parks in even more amazing clothing.

model: juliana @ ford
styling: jaclyn bethany
hair: vincent lann
make up: ai yokomizo