Monday, September 24, 2012

on dusty floors

with my photographic style I am always trying to expand what I can do while still retaining my essence of who I am as a photographer. I feel like I have developed a style, but I am constantly working on improving on that style, expanding it to include more variety between shoots and further establish it within me. with this test shoot, I was not aiming to do something extravagant or overly thematic. I wanted to create something simple yet something that could hopefully be identified as mine.

model: mika nobles @ foreman mgmt


  1. wow, brilliant, lauren.
    you have developed a distinctive style, which I can truly find in these shots. The simplicity here is what makes them so gorgeous to me because you developed a certain way to capture emotions in such a raw and touching way.

  2. I'm really impressed by your work, Lauren! I've just came across your blog via Charlotte's "Memoires de Couture". I want to see more and, therefore, I'm following you now.