Monday, April 8, 2013


Today I turn 20 and it has been nearly 5 years since I began taking photographs.

In all honesty, it doesn't feel like I'm turning a whole year older but maybe it's because I still feel young. Or maybe, I'm just in denial. But this one marks a bit of a mile stone for me (other than simply the obvious of not being a teenager anymore.) I can look back over the past 20 years and say, with quite some confidence, that I have made it further than I have ever imagined and I'm proud of myself for once. And I see no harm in that. I always have these absurd expectations of myself and though I have fulfilled some, I haven't even scratched the surface of most of them. Now, fair warning, this post is image heavy, but it will mainly outline the last 5 years of my life as I feel like those have been my most significant and since my 5 year photography "anniversary" happens in November, I figured why not tie in everything together. Plus, I can't find any of the pictures of myself growing up because my parents have them tucked away somewhere.

[I did find these so I can't forget the obligatory photos of me as child]


Now, I consider this point in my life to be my rebirth (2008). I don't remember much before this time really, not before my 365. I remember choosing to start taking photos because I had been criticized for my lack of emotion and empathy during my youth and I felt I had to prove something to my peers. And creating images from thoughts in my head felt like a wonderful way to show people that I wasn't an emotionless bag of bones. My peers made me feel abnormal, unaccepted and at that point in my life, in almost everyone's life, I felt the need to conform or "fit in". However, I find this odd because I don't think I ever did conform, but I ended up proving to myself that maybe I really was worth something. And here I am, almost 5 years later, turning 20 years old and feeling even more confident than ever that I am on the right track.












(oh ya then this random thing happened where I photographed Neon Trees)

nyc in instax photos ooh ~




  1. These are just.....SO beautiful, Lauren. Absolutely stunning. And so full of depth and thought. Well done, my dear.

  2. stunning work my friend. you capture emotion so well.

  3. You continue to blow me away. Your styling leaves me breathless. It makes a person stop and think and want to enter that world you've created.

  4. Totally incredible Lauren!! I am a huge fan of your photographer and style of art as you see it. You have an awesome future ahead with many you.

  5. you just keep getting better! Love ya, can't wait for the future.

  6. All these remind me oft the fact that you were one of the amazing photographers who made me get into photography and find the love of my life. Thank you so much (I guess I should have said that years ago) and Happy belated birthday!
    xx Laura