Thursday, December 1, 2011

forgotten memories

the location that I shot this story in was an abandoned house and when you're in it, you almost feel invasive yet oddly at home. it's as if you could imagine the home in its former glory and you begin to realize how real that house was to someone once before and that they spent part of their lives in that house. and they laughed and cried and felt pain and joy and everything is gone now. they've all been forgotten in a way. those walls no longer held photographs. every room void of any sign of previous life, except for a small room on the second floor that is dotted with small childlike paintings of butterflies and other creatures. there was even a name stenciled on the wall. i've since forgotten it, i suppose just like that home will be forgotten. these photographs may be the last of it's final moments before destruction. after all, the desire for profit condemned its fate.

model: kalli keith
assistant: savannah burton
all clothing provided by factory girl