Sunday, December 4, 2011

walls that whisper

my grandfather's home has been the location for several shoots of mine, some of which have been published online, others that have not. his home is special to me, something that will always hold a place in my heart and in my mind. i spent many days in that home while i was growing up and i can remember so many happy memories in that house. i can see myself running up and down the staircase, falling and slipping and attacking my cousins as we raced for whatever new toy had been brought in the house by the older cousins. i can see my whole family laughing around the table and eating and making silly jokes and i can remember putting on performances for our parents in whatever clothes we could find. every time i am in that home, it's like my childhood is played back to me. you cannot see much of the home in these images, but this house deserves a post of its own, and you will be able to see how lovely a house it is.

model: daniella sevilla
styling: lindsay gray
entertainment: kevin davidson


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  2. ooh the first one is just perfect!

  3. the pictures have magic in them!

  4. Ton blog nous offre un univers hors du commun, c'est très bien :)
    Bonne continuation