Thursday, February 2, 2012

occulta in nocte

an editorial inspired loosely on a poem by Marc Mosko.

Hidden in night, the languid tear will come
Keeping watch, I am untouched, but soon I will begin to waste away
because of the hurtful sorrow
If only, wasted by fire, I could be purified, and
I could remove this feeling
Towards me, the shadow of love walks 

model: rebecca shugart @ wallflower management
stylist: lindsay gray


  1. I adore the fifth.
    Love your style lately. :}}

  2. beautiful and love the poem exact to.

  3. these are great, i love your style so much

  4. I love the darker vibe of this editorial compared to your others, though I've been a fan for a few years. I just blogged about this editorial, I hope you don't mind :)